Ms. Nail has made a facebook page with great ideas for small art projects around the house as well as other fun things to do while you are at home. She will also be posting some of the artwork that was done this year. 

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  • FACS

    Ms. Huffstutler challenges you: 

    Hey guys! I hope everyone is staying safe & washing your hands more than usual 😜 here is a little something to help keep you busy at home and help your parents out (plus there may be something in it for you if your parent takes a picture of you completing one of these challenges & sends it to me) 🤷🏽‍♀️ See y’all in 3 weeks ✌🏼


    • Prepare a meal for your family (lunch, snack, etc.)
    • Clean your room, kitchen, or the bathroom
    • Fold & put away your laundry

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  • PE

    Hey everyone!
    With us not being in school for a while, Coach Graves and Coach Dodson wanted to post a few ideas for exercises and workouts you can do at home with little or no equipment.
    They would love for everyone to be able to get in at least thirty minutes of exercise,somehow, 5 days a week! And to make it more fun please post a picture of you completing these exercises or games and tag us in them, we would love to see what everyone is doing over next few weeks!!!

    PS: Pinterest has some great exercises and games if you are looking for more things to do over break!

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to!

    Your PE Teachers


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