What is PBIS?

  • This year, our school is implementing PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports). It is a framework for reducing problem behaviors and maximizing instructional time. It is a structure for creating safe and positive schools. We have created a specific plan that applies to all students.

    Here, at Brookville Elementary, we use an acronym to help students remember what procedures they should follow when they are in the classroom, restroom, hall, specials, lunchroom, P.E., recess, etc. The acronym is PAWS. PAWS stands for the following:

    P - Practice being a friend

    A - Always be respectful

    W - Work to learn and grow

    S - Safety first 

    Students can also receive a “PAWS”itive Office Referral. Students receive a “PAWS”itive Office Referral when they are caught practicing the “PAWS” by a teacher. At the end of the day, Ms. Allen makes an announcement and recognizes all the students that have received a “PAWS”itive Office Referral for the day. These students also receive a special prize and a positive phone call home to their guardian.

PAWS in Our School