• History of Hueytown Middle School

    In August of 1874, the families of Hueytown gathered to build a small log structure to be used as a combination school and church. Students attended part-time based on the seasons and availability of teachers. The families of those children attending school paid teachers. Sometimes payment was in the form of room and board for the teacher.

    A later school, located on Upper Wickstead Road, burned in 1907. Another school was built on Dabbs Avenue in 1908. It was a four-teacher school operated by the newly organized Jefferson County Board of Education. One hundred students were enrolled. Because Hueytown was a farming community and children helped provide a living for their families, they were able to attend school only during times when there were no crops to be tended.

    In 1957, the old school building was converted to Pittman Junior High School named after JefCoEd Board President J.W. Pittman. A newer facility was built at its current site located on Sunrise Boulevard. Construction of the facility took place in stages with the final stage completed in 1965.

    On June 23, 2005, the Jefferson County Board of Education passed a resolution changing the official school name from Pittman Middle School to Hueytown Middle School. The school board also changed the school’s colors from orange and black to purple and gold to match those of Hueytown High School.

    In July of 2019, a major renovation project with an approximate budget of $11,810,000 began at HMS.  This project includes:

    • New construction to include new administrative and counseling suites
    • New media center and computer lab
    • Renovation of all current classrooms including science labs and career tech labs
    • Installation of all new mechanical and electrical system
    • Renovations to also include athletic and fine arts areas