Gear Up Program

  • Through our grant with the University of Montevallo, the GEAR UP, Jefferson County (GU-JC) initiative is designed to improve access, opportunities and outcomes for students from historically marginalized populations and underserved communities. The program will support, strengthen and expand the existing infrastructure, as well as enhance academic opportunities, increase exploration of postsecondary options and equip students and families with information and tools to plan for and access postsecondary education.

    The Gear Up Program is offered at the following JEFCOED Schools:

    1. Clay-Chalkville Middle School
    2. Erwin Middle School
    3. Hueytown Middle School
    4. Irondale Middle School
    5. McAdory Middle School
    6. Minor Middle School
    7. Rudd Middle School
    8. Fultondale High School
    9. Pleasant Grove High School

    The Gear Up Program Increases Opportunities for Students

    • Student Achievement Plans
    • Academic support
    • Summer programs (academic enrichment, academies, camps, credit recovery)
    • Dual Enrollment
    • Career and Technical preparation
    • Advanced Placement courses
    • Exposure to college campuses
    • Civic participation
    • Mentoring Support

    The Gear Up Program Supports Faculty and Staff

    • Promote sustainability through curricular and extra-curricular development
    • Foster climate and culture of academic excellence, equity and rigor
    • Professional development and coaching (pedagogy and content)
    • Building capacity for supporting underrepresented populations
    • Incentives for furthering education

    Priorities of the Gear Up Program

    • Developing and implementing pathways through Career Tech to align skills with in-demand industry through secondary and post-secondary credentials
    • Supporting student mastery of key prerequisites to ensure success in all STEM fields
    • Fostering knowledge of common rights and responsibilities of American citizenship and civic participation, such as through civic education

    Objectives of the Gear Up Program

    • Increase academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education for GU students
    • Increase rate of high school graduation and participation in post-secondary education for GU students (without the need of remediation)
    • Increase GU students’ and their families’ knowledge of postsecondary education options, preparation, and financing


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Upcoming Gear Up Events

  • Gear Up Camp: Jefferson County Schools Summer Enrichment Program

    Program Sites for Gear Up JEFCOED Schools

    Center Point High School Campus

    • Erwin Middle School
    • Rudd Middle School
    • Fultondale High School

    Irondale Middle School Campus

    • Irondale Middle School
    • Clay-Chalkville Middle School

    Minor Middle School Campus

    • Minor Middle School
    • Pleasant Grove High School
    • Hueytown Middle School
    • McAdory Middle School

    The Jefferson County Schools Summer Enrichment Program is for Gear Up students in grades 6-7. This program begins at 8 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Please contact the local school for more information.

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