WorkKeys Testing

  • All MJHS seniors complete ACT WorkKeys testing in the Fall semester.  The 2019 testing date is Tuesday, October 15th. This online test is required for many jobs and consists of three 55-minute sections: 
    • Applied Math        
    • Graphic Literacy
    • Workplace Documents

    WorkKeys Curriculum is a program that helps people prepare for the WorkKeys test. It would be to each senior's advantage to practice for the test and become familiar with the nature of the questions and how to navigate through the test. A passing score can help you qualify for more and better jobs, whether you are working full time or working while you go to college. It also helps you earn a College and Career Readiness Indicator (CCRI), and Student achievement of CCRIs accounts for 10% of the MJHS accountability report card.  To earn a College and Career Readiness Indicator, you must earn a minimum of 4 on all three tests. If you do not earn this score in the fall, you may be scheduled for practice sessions before the spring retake. Please spend time practicing for each of the three tests. It will help you succeed.

    You can log on to WorkKeys Curriculum using the instructions below. After you take a placement test, practice questions will be provided that begin at the appropriate place for each learner. Students will be taking three separate tests, as listed in #2 below. 

    If you have questions, see Dr. Shields.


    1. Log onto the WorkKeys Curriculum site for practice questions.
      • Log on:  Email -- your jefcoed email  (ex:
      • Password --   was emailed to you on 9/17/2019
    2. My Courses: 
      • WorkKeys Curriculum Applied Math
      • AND WorkKeys Curriculum Graphic Literacy
      • AND WorkKeys Curriculum Workplace Documents
    3. Click Learning Path (of one of the courses)
    4. Take Placement Quiz