Payment Methods

  • The Jefferson County Child Nutrition Program currently offers three ways to deposit money into your child's account:


    OPTION 1: Online Payment

    To make it easy for parents to view charges, fund accounts, and get notified of low balances, we have partnered with Titan School Solutions.  There is no charge for parents to create, monitor, or receive emails regarding low student meal balances, prepayments and applying for free and reduced meals by access at


    OPTION 2: Personal Check

    Make checks payable to (School Name) Cafeteria. The student will give the check to his/her teacher in elementary school, or cashier at the middle and high schools. Make sure you put the child’s name and Cafeteria pin# in the memo section of the check to ensure correct crediting to the respective account. In addition, a telephone number and driver's license number MUST be noted on the check. For all returned checks, a collection fee in addition to the face value is assessed to the author of the check.


    OPTION 3: Cash

    Cash may be brought to the cafeteria at the time of purchase or given to the student's teacher for deposit into the account. Please put cash in an envelope marked with your student's name, grade, Cafeteria pin#, and amount. The Jefferson County School cafeterias have automated systems to provide accountability of each student’s account. Parents are encouraged to prepay their child’s meals for the week, month or year.