If You Forget To Give Your Student Lunch Money

    The Jefferson County School District realizes that students may forget or lose lunch/breakfast money. To make it easy for parents to view charges, fund accounts, and get notified of low balances, we have partnered with Titan School Solutions. There is no charge for parents to create, monitor, or receive emails regarding low student meal balances. Parents may also utilize the PayPams mobile app on their mobile devices to monitor accounts. Parents will still be notified in writing and by the school district automatic messaging system of negative student balances and will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to clear the bad debt. The Jefferson County Child Nutrition Program offers four ways for a parent to fund their student’s account:

    1. Pay online using Titan School Solutions
    2. Use the Titan Familly Connect app
    3. Personal Check or Cashier Check (no third party checks)
    4. Cash

    It is unlawful for the Child Nutrition Program to absorb unpaid, charged meals. Parents are responsible for providing funds for student accounts. If parents need financial assistance paying for school meals, a meal benefit application for free/reduced price meals must be completed. The meal application only takes a few minutes to complete.  A printable application may be found on the Child Nutrition district webpage or can be obtained from the local school.

    Applications for meal benefits can be completed at any time during the school year. If a parent refuses to complete a meal benefit application or provide funds for student meals after a reasonable amount of time, an alternative meal may be provided at the discretion of the principal after the parent has received notification of the outstanding meal charges.  

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