Degrees and Certifications:

Sports Medicine

The Mortimer Jordan Sports Medicine Program grants students at MJHS and NJMS the opportunity to learn about sports medicine and other medical careers as possibilities for their own futures. In over 20 years at both schools, students have graduated into various medical careers. Careers such as nursing, emergency care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other professions have been obtained by alumni of this program. We are especially proud of the 7 alumni that have become Certified Athletic Trainers and currently work in the world of sports medicine in hospitals, high schools, and universities. Students have rotations at football, volleyball, track, and an in-season sport throughout the year. Within the program, students are able to work on skills in leadership, critical thinking, and hands-on technical skills.

Requirements for membership: Application must be submitted to Mr. Free during application period. Attendance and 100% on all Sports Medicine exams must be met during trial period.

Director: Mr. Jeremy Free