Jefferson County Academy of Theatre and Dance

  • The Jefferson County Academy of Theater and Dance allows students the opportunity to study their craft in a professionally-oriented program intended for serious students. Multiple programs are presented each year utilizing student actors on stage. The program is designed to develop highly-trained theatre and dance students who intend to pursue related fields as their intended professions. This award-winning program has been selected repeatedly as one of the top ten high school productions in the United States.

Application Information

  • Requirements for the Audition:

    • Performance Track Students (Acting, Dance):
    • 2 contrasting 30-60 second monologues (dramatic/comedic)
    • 16-32 bars of a vocal selection that demonstrates your style and range (please bring an instrumental track on a device with an auxiliary port - i.e phone, mp3 player, etc as there will not be an accompanist at the audition.
    • Be prepared for a dance call to be taught at the audition (bring appropriate dance attire - time will be given to change after the dance call).
    • Technical Track Students (Sets, Lights, Costumes, Stage Management)
    • Bring a portfolio of your work, including any sketches, photos of shows, or work samples you may have that demonstrate your experience. If you do not have work samples, then bring a written summary of projects you have worked on and what role you played in the mounting of the productions

    Be prepared for an interview to discuss your experiences and goals in technical theatre.

    After the application and audition process is complete, decisions will be made regarding whether a slot in the Academy will be offered and notifications will be sent via email. in that email there will be a link to click on which will take you to a form where you can notify us whether you choose to accept your offer of acceptance, if you receive one. .


Application Deadline

  • The deadline to apply is February 14, 2020!

    Auditions for JCATD will be held on April 4th at 10 AM (must have ALREADY submitted the application by February 14, 2020).

    Acceptance notices will be mailed out by April 6, 2020.