SV School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

  • Shades Valley School of STEM is developed to prepare students in the concepts of engineering, modeling, computer programming, and design. Students are taught using Project-Lead-The-Way (PLTW) pre-engineering curriculum. Courses are designed to develop a student’s problem solving, team building, and creative ability skills. Each course consists of advanced mathematics, computer science concepts, and technical writing. Students can begin their high school career track as early as the 9th grade in the following pathways:

    Jefferson County Pre-Engineering Academy:

    The Pre-Engineering Academy offers a four-year program designed to introduce students to engineering fields as well as prepare them for careers related to science and technology. The curriculum is designed by Project-Lead-The-Way (PLTW), a national alliance of professionals and instructors in engineering. The project-based course-work provides students hands-on experience with engineering design and problem-solving.

    Computer Programming and Software Development (future):

    Students are introduced to basic programming concepts and principles. Students will master concepts including integer arithmetic, basic sorts and searches, and use of data structures. Concepts of object-oriented programming and algorithm design within the syntax of a higher-level language will be introduced.