SV School of Health and Human Services

  • Shades Valley School of Health and Human Services provides career pathways for students in the health and human services industry. Students learn essential knowledge and skills designed to prepare them for careers in the industry. Students can begin their career track as early as the 9th grade in some of the following pathways:

    Health Sciences:

    The Health Science Program orients student to careers that promote health, wellness, and diagnosis as well as treat injuries and diseases.  The program prepares students to work directly with people in hospitals, medical and dental offices, laboratories, cruise ships, medivac units, and sports centers. 

    Food and Nutrition:

    Students focus on the impact of daily nutrition and wellness practices on long-term health and wellness.  They explore the effects of physical, social, and psychological aspects of making healthy food choices.  Students learn how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks and the program provides an opportunity for students to complete and internship in an area of interest in food.