SV School of Arts and Media

  • The School of Arts and Media provides those students who are artistically gifted to explore their many talents through a variety of ways; instrumental, music technology/production, vocal, visual arts, dance, theater, and technical theater. Students receive first -hand experience from industry trained professionals in their field.  The students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue to grow their skills into a profession. Pathways in this school include:


    This pathway is designed to prepare students in the basics and creative problem-solving skills needed in visual art who are interested in pursuing a creative career in visual art or as a complement to another creative career field. 


    This pathway provides students with the opportunity to experience practical training in current and emerging photographic technology. The curriculum is based on industry standards designed to provide specialized skills and technical knowledge relevant to photography. Students focus on essential elements in camera, film development, darkroom procedures, safety, history, and composition principles.


    This pathway provides an opportunity for students interested in music and singing to learn and progress in their field through a program designed for a musical career pursuit. All vocal courses will encourage students to emerge themselves in the talents they have and build the confidence to publicly perform those talents.

    Instrumental: Music Technology/Production

    This pathway provides those students who are musically gifted to pursue their passion for instrumental music.  These students have opportunities to polish their musical skills and learn to produce music/tracks/beats so they are prepared to continue their music education at the next level.