School History

  • Crumly Chapel Elementary is one of the oldest schools in Jefferson County. Crumly Chapel Elementary began in 1859 with classes in a church. By 1870, the people saw a great need for a new church as this community was growing rapidly. When a new church was finished, the log church was used for the school building.

    The log school was not sufficient to accommodate the children. The school had to be enlarged so it was then moved to a better location. Mr. A.W. Varnon donated one acre of land for the school. The money to build the school was raised by the people in the community.

    In 1913, the school was opened while J. W. McAdory was the county superintendent of education. J. W. Hanchey became the first principal of the new school.

    In 1937, part of the school was destroyed by fire. The county board wanted to do away with the school at this time. The people of the community objected and the building was repaired. Two new rooms were added in 1957. Plans were then drawn for a new school to replace the wooden structure.

    In 1961, the county board of education bought 20 acres of land to build a new, more modern facility. Work was soon started and in the fall of 1963, four new classrooms were ready for use. Enrollment continued to increase and with it, need for more room. In 1965, six rooms, a lunchroom, and office space were added. 1968 saw still another addition including a library. Another building was added in 1971 and a gym in 1978. The final addition to the building added new classrooms in 1995, completing the present facility.

    Since 1913, twelve different principals have served the school. August 2001 grade restructuring throughout the Minor zone caused the 6th-grade move to Bottenfield, making Crumly Chapel a Kindergarten – 5th-grade school with approximately 350 students. In 2015, Crumly Chapel was chosen to participate in the new PreK program. That year began with one PreK class, and in 2016 another class was added.

    The Crumly Chapel tradition is as vital today as it has ever been. A caring faculty and staff, working “Hand in Hand” with the students and community, continue the tradition of excellence begun over 100 years ago. Currently, Crumly Chapel provides instruction by a highly qualified teaching staff which has implemented the Alabama Reading Initiative and the Alabama Math, Science, Technology Initiative. We continue to provide professional development for our faculty in order to enrich each student’s educational journey.