JCIB MYP Programme

  • What is the IB Middle Year Programme (MYP)?

    The JCIB Middle Years Programme is comprised of grades 6-10 (MYP years 1-5). Each student will complete each of the eight subject groups in each year of the programme.

    • Language and Literature
    • Language Acquisition
    • Mathematics
    • Sciences
    • Individual and Societies
    • Design
    • The Arts
    • Physical Education

    The MYP curriculum correlates with the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS).
    MYP enhances curriculum, fostering creativity for both students and teachers.

    Culminating Requirements

    The MYP students will have the opportunity to complete service projects to further develop skills they have learned through the MYP as it arises naturally in the curriculum.

    At the end of the tenth-grade year (year 5), MYP students complete the MYP Personal Project that is a product of the student's own initiative and creativity.

    The JCIB Middle Years Programme

    • Accommodates the educational needs of ALL students.
    • Encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers.
    • Promotes students to connect their classroom studies to the real world.
    • Emphasizes creative problem solving, hands-on projects, inquiry-based learning,
      global focus, and community service.
    • Builds knowledge, skills, and attitudes to prepare students to meet the
      academic challenges of a College and Career preparatory curriculum.


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