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Miss North Jefferson Pageant

Miss NJMS Pageant 👑⠀

November 3, 2018

Packets Due October 26 to the office


Result: ⠀
Junior Division: ⠀
Prettiest Eyes: Sydney Powers⠀
Prettiest Hair: Madison Glenn⠀
Prettiest Smile: Elizabeth Watson⠀
Most Photogenic: Aden Wheeler⠀
Miss Congeniality: Mackenzie Wilson⠀

Junior Miss North Jefferson: Aubrey Hall⠀
1st Alternate: Aden Wheeler⠀
2nd Alternate: Erin Bartlett⠀
3rd Alternate: Reese White ⠀

Miss North Jefferson⠀
Prettiest Eyes: Maeson Proctor⠀
Prettiest Hair: Kinleigh Vines⠀
Prettiest Smile: Alyssa Glenn⠀
Most Photogenic: Sara Grace Watkins⠀
Miss Congeniality: Brayden Gober⠀

Miss North Jefferson: Kelsey Mitchell⠀
1st Alternate: Sara Grace Watkins⠀
2nd Alternate: Hannah Rollo-Myers⠀
3rd Alternate: Brayden Gober⠀