Health Science

  • The Health Science Program instructional content incorporates project- and problem-based healthcare practices and procedures to demonstrate the knowledge and skills fundamental to a variety of healthcare careers. Knowledge and skills are reinforced and enhanced through participation in HOSA: Future Health Professionals and work-based learning opportunities that are age and grade appropriate.

    Contact Ms. Kendra Menghini or Mrs. Jenny Yearby

Middle School Pathway

  • (Grade 8)

    Course offerings in order:

    1. Health Explorations

High School Pathway

  • (Grade 9-12)

    Course offerings in order:

    1. Foundations of Health Science
    2. Human Body Structures and Functions
    3. Medical Terminology
    4. Patient Care Technician
    5. Health Science Internship


    1. Foundations of Health Science
    2. Sports Medicine Fundamentals
    3. Nutrition in Health Care
    4. Sports Medicine Intermediate
    5. Health Science Internship


  • Credentialing Opportunities

    Certified Patient Care Technician