JEFCOED English Learners

  • Comprehensive English Learner District Plan

    Each LEA in Alabama must develop and implement a Comprehensive EL District Plan, in accordance with Section 3116 of Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, for serving students who are limited-English proficient and immigrant students, where one or more students are determined to need support. The LEA is required to have a Comprehensive EL District Plan whether or not the LEA currently has ELs enrolled and regardless of Title III eligibility.

    The Comprehensive EL District Plan should address each aspect of the LEA’s program for all ELs, at all grade levels, and in all schools in the school system. The Comprehensive EL District Plan should contain sufficient detail and specificity so that each staff person can understand how the plan is to be implemented and should contain the procedural guidance and forms used to carry out responsibilities under the plan.

    To facilitate LEA compliance and the Alabama State Department of Education(SDE) review of the plan, LEAs will develop the Comprehensive EL District Plan using the template included at the end of the checklist. LEAs are encouraged to use the EL Policy and Procedures Manual when developing and revising the plan for a clear understanding of the requirements for serving ELs. The EL Policy and Procedures Manual was developed by the Alabama State Department of Education and is available for download at

    Minimally, the LEA will: 

    • Assure that the LEA consulted with teachers, school administrators, parents, and, if appropriate, education-related community groups and institutions of higher education in developing the plan.

    • Assure that all teachers in any language instruction educational program for limited-English proficient students that is funded with any source of federal funds are fluent in English, including having written and oral communication skills.

    • Assure that all schools in the LEA are in compliance for serving English language learners (ELs).

    • Assure that all individuals used as translators or interpreters are fluent in the language they are translating.

    • Assure ELs have equal access to appropriate categorical and other programs and are selected on the same basis as other children.

    The following assurances apply only to LEAs that receive Title III funds:

    • Assure that the LEA has a process for parents to waive Title IIISupplemental Services.
    • Assure that the LEA has a non-public school participation plan.

    • Assure timely and meaningful consultation with private school officials regarding services available to ELs in non-public schools that are located within the geographic boundaries of the LEA.