Dyslexia Awareness & Resources

  • Dyslexia impacts between 10 percent and 20 percent of students in Alabama schools. Literacy skills—reading, writing, and spelling are essential to all learning in school and beyond. Students who do not develop these skills early on are at risk for school failure and limited life opportunities.

    In our on-going efforts to prepare all students to graduate college, career, and life ready, the Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI), working in collaboration with the Dyslexia Advisory Council (DAC), has established these goals:

    • To bring awareness at the school, family, and community level to the needs of students with
    • To encourage year-round school, family, and community engagement in events to celebrate and
      embrace students with dyslexia
    • To make available support and resources for schools, families, and communities

    According to Alabama law, all students who score below the benchmark level on the district's universal screening instrument in reading will be screened for characteristics of dyslexia.

    Students who fail the dyslexia screening tests will be referred to the school-based problem-solving team. After a review of student data, this team will develop a plan for the student. The Student Action Plan can include dyslexia specific interventions, accommodations, and/or assistive technology to assist the student in accessing content materials.

    The school-based problem-solving team will inform parents of the results of the dyslexia screening and share the Student Action Plan. Parents will receive periodic progress reports pertaining to their child's progress based on the Student Action Plan.