Intervention & Student Support in Our Schools

  • The Jefferson County School District is committed to ensuring each child makes significant progress. To do this, educators continuously review data that tells us how your child is progressing.

    Problem-Solving Team

    JEFCOED is Committed to Student Success

    Each school in Jefferson County has a problem-solving team known as PST. This team reviews data regarding students’ progress, monitors regularly, advises teachers on specific interventions matched to the students’ needs, and communicates with parents regarding student intervention in a timely manner.

    The Problem Solving Team also helps teachers provide appropriate instruction and evidence-based interventions for all students with academic and/or behavioral difficulties, including those students that exhibit the characteristics of dyslexia.

    Parent Participation

    Parents are Essential to Children's Success

    Jefferson County Schools are charged formally with the task of educating students. Families clearly have a significant impact on student development, learning, and behavior. Research shows that student success is enhanced when there is collaboration among the two primary contexts for learning: home and school.

    In Jefferson County Schools, we strive to develop a strong partnership between student, parent, and school so that all students can be successful. For all students, we review assessments, attendance, grades and behavior data throughout the year, and parents receive progress reports that provide an up-to-date report on how their student is progressing through the interventions.

  • RtI Graphic

    If Your Child is Struggling in School:

    • Contact your child’s school for more information on response to instruction (RtI)

    • Communicate with your child’s teacher(s)

    • Ensure that your child attends school regularly

    • Encourage your child to do well in school

    • Understand the assessments (tests) your child takes

    • Ask how you can help your child at home