College Recruiter Visits

    Below is a link to the schedule for college recruiter visits. 
    At this time, these will be done virtually by using webex. 
    Once you click on the link below, you can click on the webex link and enter the password listed.   

     Click HERE to view the schedule for college recruiters.


    2021 College Admission and Scholarship Information

    This section is where you can find updated information we have received from colleges/universities specific to 2021 admission and enrollment.   


    Bevill State Community College (BSCC)

    Click HERE to view dates for virtual information sessions.  

    Click HERE to view updates about Bevill State Admissions and campus tours.

    *Students who are planning to transfer from Bevill State directly to UAB will need to talk to:

    UAB Transfer Admissions Counselor 

    Emily Dill - emdill@uab.edu


    Jacksonville State University (JSU)

    Click HERE to view updates about JSU Admissions and campus tours.


    Ole Miss (University of Mississippi)

    Click HERE for information about Ole Miss.

    Click HERE to watch a video from one of the Ole Miss Admissions Counselors.

    Click HERE for Ole Miss financial aid information.

    Click HERE for Ole Miss housing information.


    Samford University

    Click HERE to learn updated information from Samford University.


    University of Alabama


    January 15 is the deadline for students to receive priority consideration for competitive scholarship awards.
    Students without test scores will still have an opportunity to be awarded academic scholarships,
    but will need to complete the scholarship application.

    Students must be admitted to access our scholarship application.

    All students (especially those without test scores) are strongly encouraged to fill out the scholarship application.

    Qualifying composite test scores are required for automatic merit awards.


    The priority deadline for Competitive Academic Scholarships (based on review of scholarship application and average weighted core GPA) is January 15. Competitive Academic Scholarships are utilized to alleviate the stress surrounding the limited opportunities to take entrance exam testing.

    Students receiving an Automatic Merit Scholarship and are later selected for a Competitive Academic Scholarship will be awarded the greater value. Initial release of the CompetitiveAcademic Scholarships began in December and will continue in February with the consolidated scholarship letter arriving in March. Check out the Scholarship website for more details.

    Additionally, UA will offer students recognized by the College Board National Recognition Program an impressive merit package. Students must be admitted and provide a copy of their certificate before May 1, 2021.

    As we have done for many years, UA will continue to offer offered Automatic Merit Scholarships. Students admitted before May 1 with a qualifying composite ACT or SAT by end of February and at least a 3.0 GPA by the end of December will be eligible for an automatic merit-based scholarship.


    University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

    December 1st is the deadline for merit-based scholarships.
    Click HERE to view the UAB Admissions Updates. 


    Uiversity of Alabama at Huntsville

    Here is an application fee waiver code for UAH:  FF21


    University of Georgia

    Click HERE to view updated information from the University of Georgia.


    University of Montevallo

    Click HERE to view updated admission, tour, and scholarship information from the University of Montevallo. 

    1.      Spring Preview Days- The University of Montevallo will host virtual spring preview days on February 23 and March 13. Registration information can be found at www.montevallo.edu/previewday.

    2.      Virtual Options- The Admissions Office continues to offer an array of virtual options for your students. From meeting with a professor or current student, to viewing a virtual tour, we have pretty much anything your students need. All of our virtual options can be found at www.montevallo.edu/virtual.

    3.      Scholarship Priority Date- Our merit scholarship priority date is February 1, 2021. Students interested in qualifying for scholarships should be admitted to UM by the priority date. After February 1, we will award merit aid on a funds available basis.

    4.      MAPS Scholarship- Our MAPS scholarship deadline is January 15, 2021 and is our full ride scholarship offered to 12 students each year. To apply, a student will need a 30+ superscored ACT and 3.5+ GPA.


    University of North Alabama (UNA)

    You can book individual recruiter appointments with UNA by signing up here:  https://una.edu/visit/index.html

    Quick links for students interested in UNA.  The application is free through the end of the year! 
    Scholarship deadline is February 1, 2021.

    Apply here - https://una.edu/apply/index.html  (mark “Fee waived” at the end for free app waiver)
    Scholarships and how-to’s are all listed here: https://una.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/index.html
    Majors and minors are all available here: https://una.edu/academics/majors/#/
    Admitted students can apply for additional scholarships now, and Housing will open for them Dec. 1 – una.edu/housing
    Book our Virtual Preview Event here: una.edu/visit


    University of South Alabama (USA)

    Click HERE to view the most updated information from USA.


    Wallace State Community College (Hanceville Campus)

    Click HERE to view the most updated information from Wallace.