Our Mission

  • Mission:

    The mission of McAdory High School is to guide the development of all students so that they will become lifelong learners, prepared to function in an ever-changing global society.

    Alma Mater:

    McAdory, our Alma Mater
    McAdory, our mother true.
    All our love and devotion pledging.
    We will always have faith in you.
    In your classrooms, and in your hallways,
    Memories linger of happy hours.
    May the friendship of all your students,
    Forever and all be ours.

    Fight Song:

    Oh when those Yellow Jackets fall in line,
    We're gonna score a touchdown every time.
    We're gonna yell yell yell for old MC
    Our Alama Mater we will yell and sing its' praises.
    We're gonna back our boys in every way.
    No matter what the other team may say.
    And if they're in our way we'll mow 'em down, mow 'em down.
    Fight on to victory!