Mission & Vision

  • The mission of Center Point High School is to develop critical thinking individuals who will graduate from high school prepared to meet the demands of the 21st Century, be college and career ready, be lifelong learners, and become socially responsible members of society.

    Similarly, Center Point High vision statement states that Center Point is committed to advancing the academic and social lives of its students by designing challenging educational programs and learning experiences that contribute to student achievement. As an assembly of learners who values community alliances, Center Point will be a catalyst for linking parents and the community to the school.  Center Point High School's poignant covenant is "Education is our Primary Belief".

    Correspondingly, our beliefs are:

    • Education is our most important responsibility.
    • Every student should have a safe environment that promotes learning.
    • Student learning should be enhanced by stressing fluency in reading and writing across the curriculum.
    • Every student must have a sense of community, self-discipline, responsibility, and participation.
    • Utilization of data is imperative to making decisions regarding continuous school improvement.
    • Effective communication with families and communities enhance student success.
    • Collaborative teams engender a focus on student learning.
    • All employees are valued for their expertise.
    • Professional learning is an ongoing process.

    Center Point High exemplifies its purpose by the implementation of programs and learning venues that engender academic stimulation and achievement through its academic offerings, the A+ College Ready Program, dual enrollment, and career technical opportunities. To support the mission and school beliefs of Center Point High School, our programs primarily focus on the understanding of mathematics, science and English Language Arts converging with technology interactions. Being a proponent of the Common Core State Standards initiative, our teacher learners embrace professional learning and engage in professional learning communities to increase their understanding of the responsibilities associated with the new state standards.