Course Selection

  • Students will select the courses for the next school year between February-March each year. Each student is given a Course Selection Sheet which includes the requirements for each diploma endorsement & the current teachers recommended core coursework for next school year. Students who turned their signed course selection sheets in on time will be allowed to discuss a schedule change until June 1st. After June 1st, there will be a schedule change of $30 (Board Policy June 2010). Students who did NOT turn in course selections on time will not be allowed to discuss schedule changes & their schedules will not be changed. Due to proration, we will only be making necessary changes - course needed for graduation, previously received credit for the course, pre-requisite not met, has a period without a class, too many cores during one semester. Schedule changes are not always possible based on class availability, class sizes, scheduling conflicts, or graduation requirements. Note: Schedules will NOT be changed just because a student is failing the course.