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    Welcome to your library! Each class visits the library once a week for 45 minutes. During that time students check out books and engage in library and Makerspace activities.

    Kindergarten checks out 1 book per visit.

    1st and 2nd check out 2 books per visit.

    3rd, 4th, and 5th can check out up to 3 books per visit.

    We also have free periods each day that are used for open check-out. 

    Students check out new books each week if they've returned their books from the prior week. Books can be renewed for up to two weeks if the student is still reading the book.  Books that are damaged or lost will need to be paid for before the student is allowed to continue checking out. 

    Please consider joining our Birthday Book Club! In this club, you purchase a book to donate to our school library. This grows our collection and your students will be recognized as the donor on their birthday! 

    We typically have one Book Fair through Scholastic during the school year! If you would like to volunteer at our Book Fair or volunteer in our library- please let me know! We always have books to be prepared for circulation, repaired or to be shelved! 

    If you have any questions regarding the library, computer labs, Chromebooks, or our social media accounts please contact me! 



    Librarian/ETeam Leader                                                                                       

    Terri Culp                                                                                                               


    205 379-4910



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