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Science Olympiad

Science Olymipad is a club that involves the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to students in elementary schools across the United States.  The competitions showcase innovative science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  All of these are used by the students to compete in the tournaments at different colleges across the state.

Requirements for being a member of Science Olympiad are you must have teacher recommendations and/or you take a science test to see if you qualify to become a member.

Mrs. Henak is the sponsor of this club.


Auburn Winners

Categories - 4th place   Kassadee Jackson/Addison Pickard                                                                       

 Straw  Tower - 4th place   Kassadee Jackson/Addison Pickard                       

 Food for thought - 5th place     Sydney Roberts                        

Measurements and Metrics - 5th Place      Chloe Barry/Emma Argent             

Aerodynamics - 6th place   Marcus Boothe/Kyle Williams                            

Grasp a Graph - 6th place   Carter Wallace/Seth Sadle                                

 Map Reading - 8th place     Brynleigh Tidmore/Emma Argent                               

Barge Building - 9th place    Riley Willis/Sydney Roberts

A is for Anatomy - 5th place    Case Kirkpatrick                            

Deep Blue Sea - 6th place     Riley Willis 

Rock Hound - 7th place    Riley Willis/Marcus Boothe


Jefferson County ESO

Map Reading - 1st place     Lyla Burchfield/Bynleigh Tidmore                              

Weather or Not - 1st place       Case Kirkpatrick                                                                                     

Third Rock from the Sun - 5th place   Marcus Boothe                

Deep Blue Sea - 4th place    Riley Willis/Kassadee Jackson                                                          

Mystery Architecture - 5th place   Riley Willis/Kassadee Jackson                          

Barge Building - 11th place      Sydney Roberts/Addi Pickard                                         

Quick Sketch - 8th place      Emma Argent/Chloe Barry                                    

Aerodynamics - 6th place     Marcus Boothe

Starry, Starry Night - 3rd place      Kyle William/Riley Willis                             

Calculator Contest - 7th place       Chloe Barry/Addison Pickard

Write it Do it - 8th place      Seth Sadler/Carter Wallace