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Newcomb and Track

McAdory Elementary participates in newcomb and track playdays every year.  Newcomb (lead-up game to volleyball) is usually in October and track is in April.  Newcomb begins with the server from the serving team throwing the ball over the  net to the opponents. The ball remains in play being thrown back and forth across the net until there is a miss.The teams are choosen and practice during physical education. 

 Track tryouts will be in March.  The events for track include:  50 yard dash, 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, softball throw, standing long jump, and running long jump.  Mortimer Jordan will host the track meet this year.  McAdory Elementary has competed very well in the past and we look forward to competing every year.

Newcomb and track are great activities for the students!


Sponsors: Valerie Carroll, Callie Pike