• 2020-2021 YEARBOOK

    Parents, this year we are partnering with TreeRing to create a unique yearbook to capture the memories our unique year! 

    Instructions to Purchase & Customize your yearbook (Must be a parent or 13 years or older.)



    Step 1:

    1. Go to www.treering.com/validate

    2. Enter your school's passcode:

    3. 101611334960253

      If you want to purchase a yearbook, the price is $26.97.

      Deadline to purchase is April 23, 2021. (UPDATED)

    Step 2:

         Enter your information:

    1. Name

    2. Password

    3. Parent

    4. Click get started

    Step 3:

         Add school year details:

    1. School

    2. Grade

    3. Fourth period teacher


    NEXT...We need your photos for the CCMS Yearbook!!

    1. Navigate to SHARED PHOTOS, on the bottom right of the page.  

    2. Select SHARED FOLDERS and choose a folder.

    3. Add photos from Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox & more.

    4. IMPORTANT: Enter the name of the people and/or the event in the CAPTION.

    5. NEW: Due to COVID-19 and all of the restrictions and delays, we were not able to get professional portraits taken of the students this year. So, we are asking that parents take a picture of their student(s) with a plain white background. You can use a sheet, tablecloth, or wall. MORE INFO


    Creating Custom Yearbook Pages

    1. Go to www.treering.com

    2. Enter our school's passcode: 101611334960253

    3. On the left side click Yearbooks then Click BUILD CUSTOM PAGES on the right of the screen. 


    4. ADD photos. Drag and drop your photos here.

    5. Add memories.

    6. Click the BUILD PAGES in the top, right side of the screen.

    7. Add photos and memories by the deadline to ensure they print in the copy of the yearbook.  No need to set pages to Print Ready!

    DEADLINE to create custom pages: APRIL 6, 2021