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New name; New JefCoEd email address 

New Jefcoed Email Address

When you have a legal name change, in order to make the change for your email you will need a new account.  This will be a new email address as well as for the network, InformationNOW, SETS, Kronos, etc.   Here are the steps YOU must complete to assure a smooth transition.

  1. First, when you receive your new email address from your Principal, make you that you log into the computer with the new username and password.
  2. Once you have logged into the computer with the new account use the “Microsoft Outlook” instructions to setup the MS Office email client for the new email address.
  3. After completing your Outlook setup restart the computer and log in with your ORIGINAL email address.
  4. This begins the slightly tricky part.  You need to login with your old account so that you can setup auto-replies to let others know of your new address, and email forwarding so that for the next two weeks anyone emails coming to the old account will be redirected to your new account.  It is your responsibility to complete these steps if you want to assure your emails are getting to the new account.  The steps are as follows.
    1. You are logged in with the ORIGINAL user name.
    2. Proceed to the following web address: 
    3. If it asks for your username and password enter your ENTIRE email address and password.
    4. Once the Outlook Web app opens look for the icon next to your name in right corner of the window.  Once you click that icon choose Mail under “Your app settings."
    5. On the Options page choose “Mail” on the left, in the list of menu options. 
    6. Then choose “Forwarding” under that Accounts section and set it to “Start Forwarding” and enter your new email address.
    7. Next click on “Automatic replies” from the “Automatic processing” menu.
    8. Choose “Send automatic replies” and then enter something similar to the following:

“This is an automatic response.  The email address has been changed.  The new email address is  Your email has been forwarded to the new address.  However, this email address will be deleted in two weeks so please update your address book.”

    1. You have two places to enter this.  One for outside email and one for internal.  You can cut and paste the message into either.  (IF YOU CUT AND PASTE MY MESSAGE BE SURE TO CHANGE THE FAKE EMAIL ADDRESSES WITH YOURS!)
    2. Click Save

That should do it.  Have a coworker email your old address, or if you have a personal email (Gmail, Yahoo mail, Etc.) you can send the email yourself.  Verify that the email went to both email addresses, old and new.  Make sure that your coworker (or your personal email) received the auto response about the new email.

If all worked then you are ready to start the next process of moving your “My Documents” which are actually saved on a jefcoed server and are particular to the username log into the computer.

New Jefcoed Email Address


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